Is he the right man? Here is how to identify him

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Mr. Right
How To Know He Is The One? 10 Clear Signs That He Is The One
Love is important if a guy is going to be the One. He has to love you, and you have to love him.
But love alone isn’t enough. You can keep loving someone even after you’ve broken up because, despite your love for one another, there were clear differences that were keeping you apart.
lot of stuff determines whether or not he’s the one for you. This is not as simple as choosing what to wear tonight. This is about settling down with someone and not looking anymore. It’s about giving yourself up entirely to your soul mate who’s never gonna let you down.
You might have been looking for a while. Perhaps you’ve dated a few losers, as well as a few good ‘uns who had a few faults. And now you’ve been with this particular guy for a few months and you’re starting to believe that he really is the one. Let’s take a look at how to know he is the one. You may also love to know The best ways to react to a marriage proposal
He’s Financially Stable
A guy who is financially stable is certainly not a character straight out of a fairytale. After all, the Princess never had to see her Prince’s bank account before agreeing to marry him in a big castle.
But although this one is totally unromantic, it really matters. Finances are important. If a guy isn’t able to make ends meet and still lives with his mom, he’s probably not going to be able to afford a house, buy a car or raise a few children.
Now, I’m not saying that money is everything, but we’re not kids anymore. There comes a point when a woman wants to settle down with a man, and financial security plays a big part in that. It gives you stability and a foundation from which to grow your relationship.
He Supports You
Another tip on how to know he is the one is to see whether he supports you. Being supportive is an incredibly important attribute that a man needs if he’s going to steal your heart forever. Men who constantly put you and your dreams down, and who tell you that you should just stick to what you know because that’s all your good for are not the type of guys you want to spend your entire life with.
Women like to dream big just as much as men do. We like to take risks, but importantly we like to be encouraged to take risks by those who supposedly love us. We want to hear from our man that he will support us no matter what.
He Knows How To Make You Smile
I once dated a guy who literally had no idea to make me smile. Whenever I felt down in the dumps, he only knew how to make the situation worse.
If you’ve been seeing a man who knows exactly how to turn your frown upside down at all times, you’ve definitely got yourself a keeper. I can’t stress how important it is to date a man who knows how to lift your spirits in times of trouble. You need that positivity in your life. You need it next to you at all times. It’s a great comfort.
You Just Can’t Picture Your Life Without Him
Next tip on how to know he is the one is to see whether you can or you can’t picture your life without him. So, this guy has made a massive impact on your life in a good way. He hangs out with you all the time, and sometimes stays over. He buys you flowers, cheers you up with his jokes, and takes you out to dinner. You’ve got so used to him that you simply can’t imagine your life without him anymore.
This is a great way to gauge whether or not a man is the right one for you. If he makes you feel all warm inside whenever you think of him, and if his sudden disappearance would literally leave you floundering and dejected, then you’e got to start thinking that he’s The One. There is no need for any others.
You’ve Discussed Your Future Together
Okay, you’ve talked about your future with other guys. But these discussions of your future never actually include them. It’s just you and maybe a tall, dark and handsome stranger. But definitely not them. Why? Because they’re totally not the One.
If, however, you’ve talked about your future with this one guy you’re dating right now and it involves him, then this is a pretty sure sign that he’s the one you want to spend your life with. Come on, you’ve talked about what it would be like if you shared an apartment, went on vacation together next year.
If you’ve even started talking about kids then, woah; why do you even need confirmation from us?!
He Accepts You As You Are
Another important sign on how to know he is the one is to see whether he accepts you as you are. He doesn’t look at you and wonder what you’d look like if you lost a bit of weight. Nor does he try to imagine what life would be like if you started eating meat again. He loves you for who you are and wouldn’t have you any other way.
He Respects You
Many women have been in relationships with men who just don’t respect them. I’ve been there myself. I’ve struggled through a relationship in which my boyfriend just didn’t give me the respect I deserved. He would lie about who he was seeing tonight; he’d embarrass me in front of his friends to “show off”, and he held onto old beliefs that it is the woman’s duty to serve the man.
Although women don’t always want full-on chivalry these days, we do want respect. If your man respects you, it’s a good indication that he’s want to keep hold of.
You Feel Comfortable Around Him
Recently, I was asked to define what a friend is to me. One of the things I said is that a friend is someone I feel comfortable around. This is also incredibly true of the man you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. If you feel comfortable around him, it’s a pretty good sign.
Hiding who you really are is okay for a while. You might go on a few first dates with guys and you might be happy with wearing a mask just so that you get to hang out a little while longer. But eventually you will need to remove your mask and be yourself. If you can do this without any problems, you’re onto a winner.
He’s Introduced You To His Family
Not only has he introduced you to his parents, but he’s also invited you to meet his whole family.
Not only that, but he’s also invited you to see them again. And again and again. This clearly means that he’s comfortable with having you around. He’s proud of you and wants to show you off. Moreover, he’s got absolutely no secrets and wants the world to know about you both.
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You Can’t Wait To Tell Him Stuff
When we get exciting news, we sometimes can’t wait to tell someone. If your man is the one person who always gets to hear your news first, it’s a pretty good sign of something – that he’s the One!



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