How to chose a name to call your boyfriend, with 10 hot examples

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Top 10 best names to call your boyfriend

One of the simple and warm ways to keep love alive in your relationship is to tell your partner beautiful, kind words that would be nice to hear. We invite you to consider 10 sweet names to call your boyfriend.
Gentle, affectionate adjectives spoken to each other can soften hearts, make people forget about conflicts. As it is commonly believed, women adore pleasant compliments. In fact, any guy will also be happy if his girlfriend treats him gently with the help of sweet words.
It is sometimes difficult for girls to come up with something original and not trivial. If you want to learn how to call your boyfriend affectionately and find interesting fresh ideas for this, read on.
Why is it important to use romantic names for boyfriend?
Gentle compliments - a pledge of a long-lasting relationship. The warm phrases said by a wife or girlfriend make the union stronger, establish mutual understanding, and prove sincere love.
Lovely nicknames will make your lover smile and give him a positive charge for the whole day. Men also need support from women, although they look strict and strong. This is especially important if a guy is sick.
General recommendations
At the very beginning of a relationship, it is sometimes difficult to find suitable sweet names for a guy. He may not understand your humor. Therefore, at the primary stage, you should use the general standard words to make sure the man likes it.
Be wary of using such words as "Baby", "Puppy", because some guys are annoyed by them. They think that these names seem insulting. Try to add the pronoun "my" to the love names to soften the official tone. Put all your tenderness and love in a voice so that the words sound sincere.
After said, watch for the reaction of your man. The main thing is that the guy should perceive tenderness adequately and not take offense, especially if you pronounce love worlds in the company of friends. Thus, you can maintain a romantic relationship and further expand your vocabulary with more intimate terms.
Pet names for boyfriend
Pet names for lovers are extremely popular. Try to choose an individual nickname that can best describe character or appearance of your man. For example:
- Bear;
- Lion;
- Tiger.
Funny names for the guy can also be written in messages. Take care that your description does not sound rude or offensive because there are inappropriate and vulgar words. Pet names should not be spoken before outsiders. It is better to leave them for when you guys are alone or at night.
Funny names with a sense of humor
In fact, all men remain children in the depth of their souls. Each of them wants to feel like a small playful child next to the beloved girlfriend. If your young man has a great sense of humor, you are very lucky. In this case, you can safely show imagination and invent a variety of lovely names. The main thing is not to hurt the pride of a guy if he, for example, has complexes.
Such nice words can be used to write down the name of the guy on the phone or beautifully sign a postcard for a holiday.
- Bad Boy;
- Eсstasy;
- Hot Lips.
What can you call a man that is too serious?
Only words of high importance will be relevant for such men. They should describe something heroic, decent, not to sound banal. At the same time, sweet words should characterize your lively interest and genuine sincerity.
- Mr. Cool;
- Gorgeous;
- Iron Man;
- Hero.
Instead of nicknames, you can use phrases in prose which your chosen one will be pleasant to hear. For example, "With you, I can cope with everything", "Your kisses are more precious than gold for me." Repeat them often so that he will feel your strong love.
How to call a man by name affectionately?
Male names can be slightly modified. You may make their pronunciation special, inherent only to you. This will emphasize your special attitude to beloved one and bring the couple even closer.
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What words should not be told to a loved one?
You should act correctly and carefully inventing nicknames for your second half. It is advisable to be interested in whether he likes different names. It is not recommended to use curses, even if in jest, because your man will not be pleased to hear this.
Try to avoid too intimate and funny appeals that can be heard by outsiders. This can be misunderstood by relatives and friends, and the guy may feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.
Be tactful if the guy is overweight or have a small height. Perhaps he is very worried about this, so such nicknames as Donut, Patty, Lilliput, Shorty can injure and create negative emotions and provoke a quarrel.
As you can see, there are quite a lot of sweet names to call your lover. It is important to choose an interesting and original version that will cause a joyful smile on his face.



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