How to make her fall madly in love with you with just five words

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- Words are powerful. They can go miles to work wonders in people’s lives.

- Most of the times, we get exactly a perfect reaction depending on the type of word we used – soft or harsh, good or bad, loving or hateful, as the case may be.

- When it comes to romantic or intimate relationships, the role of words can never be overemphasized. The health of most relationships is largely defined by the type of words the partners use for each other.

- Ultimately, it is with words that we get the attention of anyone we fancy. The words you use to approach a lady goes a long way in determining if she’ll give you audience or not. Even the hard-to-get types fall to the magic of words, once you use the perfect ones.

- We’ve got an eye opener for you here: Use these words frequently and your dream girl falls head-over-heels in love with you with so much ease.

1. I am Very Sorry (Humility)

It is generally believed that apology is a woman thing, especially here in Africa. A lot of men find it very difficult to make express remorse even when their wrongs are starring them in the face.

On the other hand, a lot of ladies have conditioned their minds based on this belief and quietly nurses their hurt whenever it is still in the confines of things they can condone, not expecting apologies from their man.

Therefore, if you step out of the status quo and prove to your girl that you have no problem saying “I am very sorry”, you’ll be amazed at the loving results you’ll get. She’ll reserve the best place for you in her heart!

2. You’re so Beautiful (Admiration)

Every human being craves admiration. Everyone loves to be admired but women love it most, especially when it is coming from a lover.

Tell her she is beautiful and you’ll get the best smiles ever. Not only that, you’ll win her love and tenderness like no other.

3. Please, Tell me All about it (Listening Ear)

To be listened to is one of the things women value most in their list of relationship priorities.
Sometimes, ladies do not understand themselves and they always need someone who’ll be genuinely willing to hear them out.

They may not necessarily be expecting to get the solutions from you but they just need someone to hear them out.

Always give a girl listening ears and she’ll stick to you with great passion.

4. I am so happy you’re in my life (Appreciation)

This particular one works wonders. Telling a girl you appreciate her being part of your life melts her heart even if it is made of stone.

It makes her do whatever is within her powers to meet up with the statement as well as prove you true.

Tell her how much good her presence has done to your life and she will ever be available to you, anytime, anywhere. Cherishing and loving you with her whole being.

5. You are Great at that (Compliments)

Encouraging her and boosting her confidence is always a good thing. Make her feel lifted by you.

Freely give out your compliments whenever she does something commendable. While it is unhealthy to reserve compliments, we do not recommend flattering either.

Just get it balanced.




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