Is she older? Here are 8 ways to make your older crush fall for you

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At a younger age, chances are you’d have had a crush on an older woman and there are some good reasons why this match could be a good one.

Between the ages of 18 and 21, sexual and physiological factors are at its peak for men and same goes for women when they are in their mid to late thirties which may be one of the reasons for the younger man, older woman match.

However, women that are free and willing to go into a relationship with a younger man are fewer than those who wouldn’t. The question now is how can you compete against the vast number of women not willing to go into a relationship with a younger man?

Here are a few tips that can help you seduce and secure the attention of the older woman you’ve been eyeing.

Stick Your Head Out
The simple fact that you’re young is a source of attraction for older women. Older people love the youthfulness and freshness of the younger ones.

Irrespective of your age, women have certain traits they long to see in their male companions. Being confident and having a set of opinions is one thing older women are on the lookout for.

Being indecisive is something she doesn’t want to see. Be assertive and show her that inspite of your youthful age, you have a mind of your own.

Know When To Keep Shut
This is not to say you shouldn’t voice your opinions as she would enjoy that, but the essence of this point is to remind you to allow free flowing discussions.

A lot of young men tend to want to dominate conversations but acting in such manner would most likely make her feel unimpressed as she’s used to being independent and opinionated.

The best way for you to go about this is to avoid saying anything on conversation subjects you know little about. Listen more and you’d have her liking you.

Avoid The Age Talk
It’s obvious that there’s an age gap between you and her but you shouldn’t bring it to the fore in discussions.

Avoid making references to anything that will make her remember she’s older as that will be less than impressive. Instead of talking about age, comment about how smart and intelligent she is.

Give Her Space
She has her own life to live and you must respect that fact. You don’t expect her to save all her time to hang out with you. Wanting to spend too much time with her will only make her feel choked and stifled. This might make her crave for someone that is more of her age.

Compliment Her
She’s smarter than the average girl you’ve rolled with and knows how to appreciate any odd compliment. As a matter of fact, she’s more likely to want you complimenting her than ever before. Pick your words carefully and watch her glow in appreciation as she slowly falls for you.

Dress To Kill
Every older woman out there has probably seen and experienced much more than you have of emotional situations and every other thing. This means she has a good grasp of what and how to dress for every occasion.

For you to have a shot at her, you must get your dress code right whenever you meet up with her. For instance, you don’t expect to have her falling for you if you’d wear a T-shirt to a corporate event.

The situation is even made worse if you have been able to establish some form of romantic connection with her as this may lead to her feeling embarrassed in front of her mates. This situation will likely lead to the end of whatever you dreamt of having with her. Do your research and live up to her expectations.

Stay Clean And Trim
One of the reasons she wants to consider you is because of your youthful vigour and trim physique. Keep your beards well trimmed and don’t allow yourself get heavy or lacking in fitness. Pay good attention to personal hygiene. Smell good and keep your body trim.

That’s what would keep her attracted. If not these things, she’d have stayed with someone that’s more in her age range.

Select Good Locations
You’d definitely have to take her out on dated and that can be a lot tasking given the fact that she has quite a lot of experience in that area.

What you should have at the back of your mind while selecting a place is that she’s a strong confident woman who has an idea of what she wants. Choose a location that’s matured and cool. A place a woman of her age deserves.




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