Top blogs in Nigeria; a list of the influential blogs in Nigeria

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Did you know which of the Nigerian bloggers are the most popular ones? What are they writing about? And how did they make to the top of our list? Learn here!
Top blogs in Nigeria: Top 10 most influential personalities
There probably are no people left who do not know that blogging can be a real goldmine. More and more people enter the market and do their best to start dominating the niche. However, Nigerians refused to believe that this can really be a business for them until not so long ago some of the Nigerians decided to take risks and invest time into becoming the first bloggers of the state.
Of course, due to the novelty of this market, not all of them received million sin reward for hard work in writing. But they are on their way to success. Besides, they ignited the desire of other Nigerians to try and see what happens once they launch their own blogs.
There are several categories we could divide Nigerian blogs into. So, let’s explore the leading bloggers of each of the top blogs categories in Nigeria.
Top blogs in Nigeria: Top 10 most influential personalities
Lifestyle blogs in Nigeria
Kisses and Hugs
This is truly an amazing blog where people from all over the world can send the prayer request and get prayed for as well as pray for actual needs of other people from other parts around the globe.
Besides, this blog invites people to study the issue fasting and prayers as well as short but in-depth devotions for any life periods. Thus, you can join the 40-days-long fasting along with other Christians. On top of that, read articles people share to inspire you as well as testimonies of those who has already been through all this to inspire you even if you don’t feel the spark. So, this is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria.
Top blogs in Nigeria: Top 10 most influential personalities
Fashion blogs
Fashion Rehab
This blog is among the most visited websites in Nigeria. It centers around fashion styles, tips on how to look outstanding for any occasion as well as ideas on what to wear for special events.
The owner of this website states that her style is absolutely fabulous, amazing, and timeless. She gathers ideas from different brands on how to look outstanding wearing bright outfits. Apart from what was said above, Velma William also offers ideas for costumes for plus size women who often feel discriminated when picking clothes. Thus, if you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, you need to subscribe to her: you will find so much interesting information on her blog from favorite fashion events in the country to the fashion styles of celebrities you should pay attention to. All in all, she knows it all!
Top blogs in Nigeria: Top 10 most influential personalities
Another website listed among the top blogs in Nigeria on fashion and lifestyle. Here you can find information on the upcoming events in the fashion industry as well as go through various lookbooks when looking for a particular outfit you like.
Run by several bloggers in Nigeria, this website centers around lifestyle fashion trends. The authors, experienced in this area, can tell you for sure what one should bear in mind when going shopping as well as what celebrities choose this season. They will help you out on the haircut ideas as well as beauty recommendations. So, basically, whatever you are looking for, you can find on their website. So, don’t hesitate to subscribe and check their regular updates if you are a big fashion lover.
Top blogs in Nigeria: Top 10 most influential personalities
Nigerian food bloggers
Sisi Yemmie
This woman is running of the most popular blogs in Nigeria covering the topics of diet and lifestyle. As she explains, she is a happy wife, a loved mother and a big food lover. Thus, she decided to share what she likes and get paid for it.
On her blog, you will find information on how she made her first million on blogging about things she loves. Besides, you can learn more about her experience as a mother, struggles as a wife along with passions as a woman. In the “Food” section of her blog, you’ll find information on how to cook amazing dishes in no time. So, if you are interested in baking a real banana bread, Moin Moin, chicken stock, Basmati Jollof, efo riro, and even round puff-puff at home. She chooses healthy ingredients as she wants her family to live a healthy lifestyle. So, if this information can be helpful to you, then don’t hesitate to check her blog out.
Top blogs in Nigeria: Top 10 most influential personalities
Tech blogs in Nigeria
Tech Cabal
Tech Cabal is among the most popular blogs in Nigeria covering the issues of the latest technologies. You can promote your own product by submitting it on the website as well as learn more about what latest technologies you might have missed out on.
It gives you a chance to go to an African tech forum where people specializing in this matter meet and build connections. So, everything one might need to learn about the technologies can be found here.
This is another popular Nigerian blog specializing in technologies. One can read the latest articles on the newest gadgets which were recently launched as well as check out the ideas on startups or their realization. Authors invite you to familiarize yourself with management principles as well as risks every entrepreneur deals with on a regular basis.
There is a whole section dedicated to Nigerian breakthroughs where the authors share how Nigerians came up with some excellent solutions for old problems or how they came up with new ways of doing old things. Besides, they post latest updates on technology news from all over the world.
Top blogs in Nigeria: Top 10 most influential personalities
Gossip blogs in Nigeria
Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji blog is the firs one that comes up to your mind when you hear about Nigerian gossip blogs. It feels as if she knows everything. She manages to sniff out the tiniest details of private lives of celebrities, and usually, the latter have no idea how she did that.
She usually writes about everything first: who got divorced, who might have started dating, who gave birth to their first born child as well as what size of clothes some celebrities wear. You can often see how some celebrities oppose the facts she posts on her blog as well as accuse her of spreading the gossips which are far from being true. Linda Ikeji blog post can be really called one the first most successful blog in Nigeria. And this lady keeps writing trying to keep the dominating position on the market. You will be surprised to know ten secretes about this blog
Laila’s blog
Now, Laila’s blog is on the edge of an entertainment and gossip blogs in Nigeria. She can introduce you to the latest outfits any of the celebrities wore at any of the latest fashion events as well as the breaking news which went viral on the Internet.
Apart from astonishing facts from celebrities lives, she is letting the Nigerians know what developments took place in their country in the recent days. So, you won’t miss any important (or less important) national news if you follow her website.
Top blogs in Nigeria: Top 10 most influential personalities
Nigerian entertainment blogs
Bella Naija
Bella Naija blog is all about entertainment. Here you can find all the news about upcoming events, movies, and TV, style and beauty recommendations, wedding ideas, as well as career tips both for professionals and beginners.
You can also seek advice on the relationship as well as check out their “Inspired!” section to find out more ways to stay motivated and get creative push to making your dreams come true.
Kemi Filani
Among other blogs in Nigeria who took the leading positions online, one can also find Kemi Filani’s blog. As the blog’s bio mentions, it centers around God, love, weddings, celebrity gossips, movies, and many other lifestyle news of Nigeria.
One can find anything concerning latest films reviews, inspiring testimonials, and perfect inspiration reads on the website. Besides, the blog also writers about different health issues, interviews with various celebrities (exclusive or so they claim), and fashion tips for those who want to keep up with the latest trends.
All in all, these are only the top blogs in Nigeria. There are a couple more blogs like Stella Dimoko Korkus blog or Ladun Laidi blog we would like to introduce you to but we don’t have enough space and time. However, if anything here sounds interesting to you, make sure to subscribe to get their daily updates. Have fun!



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