How to make money with zoto application. Earn upto #20000

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Making money online in Nigeria is becoming easy and easier by the day. Today I'm going to show you how to make money off Nigeria's biggest recharge card application. If you are into internet marketing you should be familiar with this two terms 'affiliate' and 'referral'.
Let me start by explaining this terms; an Affiliate marketer is someone who promote other peoples products to get a commission from the sale, oh! Can you remember that guy who came to your school back then with a book, telling you about its benefits and why you must buy one? Yes! All those people where affiliate marketers, they help the publisher of the book make sales in other to generate commission from the sales. That's a simple offline illustration of affiliate marketing. You refer people to the offer, you earn when a sale thew job is done.
In this case you will be promoting am application that will give #600 naira for your referrals' transaction (which is recharging their phone).
Steps to make money with zoto recharge app
1. First of all, download and install the zoto app from Google play. click here to download or search for zoto in playstore
2. Open the app and put your phone number for them to verify. Note: their verification process is just like WhatsApp
3. After successful verification fill in the form that will show in the next page, your names, your email address. Below where you fill your email address, there is a question asking if you have a refer all code, click it and put 'SULEIH55'
This is very important or else they will not give you the first #100 bonus and some of your referals money will not be paid because they will believe that you don't know anything about the app.
4. This is the most important part; making your first recharge. If you are going to refer people to use the app then you must use it so you'll have to recharge #50 or #100.
Type in the amount you want to recharge and click on 'proceed'
At the down of the page click 'securely pay #...'

Click on 'Enter new card' and put your master card number, the month and year it will expire and the cvv. 

 In case this is your first time of doing online transaction, your cvv is the three digit number at the back of your atm card.
After entering your details you will be sent an OTP from your bank, enter it in the space provided and click 'submit'
You will receive the amount you recharged immediately. You will receive another #100 naira inside the zoto app after some minutes.
At the bottom of the page click on 'Account'
You will see the option to refer your friends click on it and send the link via WhatsApp or facebook or any of the options there. Now if any of your friends install the app and put your referral code, you will get #600 when they make their first transaction. So to get the money quick tell them to recharge their line immediately.
See what I made from my last referal

Hope you understood the whole process are already a zoto user, leave a comment telling us how much you've made from the app. Don't forget to share this post!



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