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The number of Nigerian bloggers is
increasing every year or perhaps even every month. Being a blogger can give you a fair amount of profit. However, in order to earn good money from blogging, you need to be famous and influential. It is a hard task, but it’s definitely worth it. In order to get some inspiration, read our list of the ten famous bloggers in Nigeria and how they became an influential blogger.

Top 10 bloggers in Nigeria

No doubt, there are a lot of bloggers in Nigeria. But the point is that not all of them are famous. Today we will cover the successful and popular bloggers of Nigeria. They are quite talented and know what they are doing.
1. Makinde Azeez (Naijaloaded)
One of the top bloggers in Nigeria. Makinde is the proud owner of Naijaloaded. It was once a popular online forum. It was visited by over one million users, but, because of hackers, Makinde had to convert it into a blog.
Naijaloaded was officially launched in 2009. During a short period of time, it has grown to one of the most popular websites in Nigeria. Even though Makinde is not as famous as his fellow bloggers, he still made it to the top. Today, there are more than 500,000 users of Naijaloaded and the blog is growing. It’s “loaded” isn’t it?
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2. Loy Okieze (Techloy)
While a lot of bloggers went for entertainment, he decided to be “the tech guy.” He is quite successful and is one of the best Nigerian bloggers. His main theme is Nigerian IT world, and he knows what he is talking about.
3. Uche Eze (BellaNaija)
BellaNaija was launched in July 2006. Now it has a huge audience and is known as one of the best lifestyle blogs in Nigeria. Uche Eze, the founder of BellaNaija, was hit with success. The famous blogger was featured in CNN, Oprah Winfrey show and other platforms around the globe.
4. Noble Igwe (
Noble Igwe is a popular blogger too. Besides being a blogger, he is the founder of 360 Group. He started his company called 360Nobs Limited in April 2010. He launched it on a website called Recently he expanded his company to 360Delivery, which offers courier services.
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5. Jide Ogunsanya (
The famous creator of You thought all blogs were about entertainment? Well, you were wrong. He created a Nigerian educational tutorial for all those who are seeking knowledge.
6. Chude Jideonwo (Y!Naija)
The Nigerian youth culture platform was founded in August 2010 by the lawyer Chude Jideonwo. He is among the best bloggers in Nigeria. But he is not just a blogger. He is also the founder (and the director) of the ReSTRAT that has three subsidiaries:
- RedSTRAT Communications;
- RedSTRAT Original Content;
- The Future Project.
7. Ovie (
And we are back to entertainment blogs. is a well known brand name in Nigeria with Ovie as the number one music blogger. The blog is quite popular, and its name can be heard on various radio stations.
8. Onibalusi Bamidele (
The famous Onibalusi Bamidele is not just a blogger. He is a writer with great experience. His works can be seen in the top blogs in the world, Millionaire Magazine, Forbes and many others. Onibalusi is an inspiration for many bloggers who just started their career.
9. Japheth Omojuwa
Japhet's blog is mostly known for it’s political and socio-economic expressions. It was launched in 2009 and is still growing. Japheth Omojuwa is a qrespected person in the world of social media and politics. Currently, he is a lecturer at the Berlin's’ Free University.
10. Linda Ikeji
One of the most popular Nigerian bloggers. Her primary field is entertainment and exclusive stories. Her blog is huge and is extremely popular among advertisers in Nigeria. You can even call her the face of Nigerian blogging. Great blogger, no doubt!

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Being a blogger is a great thing to do for a living. It is interesting, sometimes fascinating and can pay off really well. All you need is an idea, passion and a little bit of luck. Maybe one day we will write a new article about the top 10 bloggers in Nigeria and your name will be on that list.


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