Here are things you should not put on your face that you are still putting

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Today we’ve got lots of DIY recipes out there and that makes it quite difficult to determine what works or what will
be a total disaster for your skin and that’s why there’s need for enlightenment to this effect. Here’s a list of those DIY ingredients you shouldn’t put anywhere near your face.
Lemons are included in almost every DIY recipe for the skin as a lightening agent. Excessive exposure of the skin to lemons could cause it lots of damage ranging from severe dryness to inflammation, blisters and severe dryness and that’s all thanks to the high acidic content in lemons.
Foot cream
It’s obvious enough that foot cream is meant for the foot and not your face! Using your favorite foot cream on your face will only end up clogging your skin pores and causing you some skin issues, acne for starters.
Mayo works great in making your hair all shiny and sleek however you shouldn’t use it on your face. Why? It’s too thick and just like the foot cream it would get your face all greasy and your skin pores clogged up. Therefore it’s a big no-no for your face!
Boiling hot water
No! Don’t even get it near your face! Contrary to popular beliefs hot water doesn’t do anything to cleanse your face free of bacteria it only strips it squeaky clean of all moisture.



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