Here are 4 Food You Must Stop Refrigerating Immediately

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A lot of upwardly mobile millennials see refrigerating foods as the way to preserve and prevent wastage but not many know all foods are not suitable for such. From soups and drinks to bread and fruits, people seem to want to refrigerate everything these days.
Have you however stopped to wonder what foods are not suitable for refrigerating? Here are four of such foods you should avoid keeping in your refrigerator.
Tropical Food Produce Such As Vegetables
Food experts are of the opinion that cooling down refrigerated foods tends to slow down the rate at which food spoils. This perhaps is the reason why a lot of us keep our foods ranging from broccoli, celery, carrots to different types of vegetables that are native to temperate and hot climates chilled.
However, vegetables that have tropical and subtropical origins are often better off at room temperature. Some of the foods you should leave at room temperature include eggplants, squash, cucumbers, peppers and beans.
Your Morning Coffee
Coffee experts are of the opinion that four factors are majorly responsible for the destruction of coffee. These are oxygen, light, heat and moisture. This begs the question that if cool air and temperature is off the list, why then will it be a bad idea to store your coffee in the refrigerator?
What makes it a bad idea is the fact that when you bring it our to take your daily morning dose, you’re allowing warm and moist air have contact with your coffee and this affects the beans. This can cause a decrease in the oils that make the drink taste and smell so good.
If you’re keen on keeping your coffee beans fresh, it’s best to keep them in an opaque, airtight container, at room temperature.
Tomatoes And Sweet-Tart Fruits
It is sometimes difficult to resist ripe tomatoes in your refrigerator, hoping they can last a few more days till you’re willing to eat then. It is however not something you should consider doing as experts advise against it.
The cold temperature of the refrigerator destroys the delicate flesh and flavor-packed membrane of your tomatoes, rendering them mealy and tasteless. If your Sweet-Tart Fruits however get split or become too squishy, you can actually freeze them.
While you can’t eat them raw the minute they thaw,they will be very good in making sauces, soups and any other dish that requires heating. Be sure to Freeze them whole by first placing them on baking sheets; and once frozen, transfer them to the freezer. Proceed to slip the skins off after they defrost and enjoy your meal.
Your Lunchtime Meal
If you’re looking to have your sandwich meal brittle, then the quickest way to do so is to store them in the refrigerator.
Whether you have sliced them or not, the bread becomes stale rapidly at temperatures that are just above freezing and that is also applicable for the warm temperature of your lockers.
There’s a high chance that you will have much luck with an intact loaf than you will with a pre-sliced one. But either ways, it is important you keep your bread at room temperature or freeze it. To get the best texture, allow it thaw at room temperature, not in the microwave.



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