how to add related posts widget to your blogger blog

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How to add related posts widget to my blogger blog

A smart blogger is he who never let his old posts go to waste. It’s not a new thing that search engines love to index new posts which means that your posts may end up not being noticed at the end of the day; especially now that there is a lot of keyword competition going on in the blogosphere. Some bloggers try not to let these posts remain un-noticed by regularly updating their post but this could be very ineffective for big blogs that have up to than three thousand post pages, which one would you update and which one would you not, and when will you be able to make updates to posts that took more than a decade to reach that number (another decade I guess). To be frank, even you yourself have forgotten most of the important posts on your blog so relying on updating your blog alone cannot help bring most of these posts out for your readers. In this regard, it has become pertinent that you must adopt a working strategy which you can use hand in hand with updating in order to bring most of these posts out.
Adding a related posts widget could be the solution to the aforementioned problem. A related posts widget is a widget that helps to display other posts that are related to the current post being read by your visitors, it help to bring to their notice that there are some other posts on the blog which they may love to read too that is to say, it shows other related information to the reader and bet you and the reader who is already looking for all the information he needs regarding a particular topic will never leave your blog until they read each and every of the posts (or would you rather go back to google to search for something while you have it on your screen already?), that’s just how it works.
By making your visitors stay on your blog for long and reading more than one page, your page views will increase tremendously thereby improving your rankings. This is the desire of every blogger, isn’t it? to have a nice alexa rank. This could also increase your advertisers bid (they will com begging to put their ads on your blog).
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Now let’s discuss the simple way you
 can add this widget to your blogspot blog. Go to and fill in the required details (usually your eMail, blog address, platform and the width) refer to the screen shot below.
Click on the ‘Get widget!’ button and you will be taken to blogger, the default title for the widget is linkwithin, change to another phrase that suit your taste and hit the ‘Add widget’ button.
Now, login to blogger and navigate to layout option, drag and drop the widget to the bottom of your post’s body. If you are using a mobile phone you will not be able to use the ‘drag and drop’ feature; just live it like that (related posts will be displayed below the post no matter where the widget is).
Congrats, you have successfully added a related posts widget to your blog.
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