How to start a free blogspot blog

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How to start a free blogspot blog

Have you looking on to start a blog? Congrats! You’ve picked the right article. In this article, I would be telling you all you need to know to get your blog running in barely 15 minutes.
I love blogspot when it comes to free blog because they allow you to monetize your blog whenever you wish. I think it is important to know that more than half of the population of big shots in the blogosphere started their blogging life with blogger. Personally, I stick to this platform and am not seeing the possibility of exiting from this platform.
Another thing I love about blogger is that the look is totally up to you, you decide what appears here and what shouldn’t, the layout of your blog is totally up to you to decide as every template is built with more than one layout options; this I find difficult with my good friend, wordpress. This is not to deny the fact that wordpress is a more superior platform to blogger but I love blogger free blog compared to wordpress’
new blog
Blogger also comes with in-built adsense to simplify the monetization struggle of bloggers since its also owned by google.
Lets get started; below are the step to step procedure to get a blogspot blog running with pictures to simplify the learning process:
Note: operamini browser might not be able to access the blogger platform, I recommend that you use another but reputable browser like firefox, google chrome, safari etc. you can download the mobile version to have them running on your phone. Uc browser can also be used to access blogger (but not recommended by me as it scatters the look of the site, which could make it hard for you to understand the platform), turn off speed mode if you encounter any problem loading the site.
1.       Log on to with your gmail account, you will be prompted to create one if you don’t have.
2.       When logged in to the blogger dashboard, click on ‘new blog’ at the top left of the page.                                                                                        
3.       Type in the name of your blog dialogue box, the next box is that for your blog address, this is the address that will be used by others to access your site; chose a blog address you want (it should be something like this: By default, blogger will automatically check for the availability of the blog address you chose, chose another one if it’s not available.
4.       Chose a template: just below the address section is a collection of templates to chose from, just hit on any of them (don’t waste time looking for a beautiful one, you can change it later) and click on the ‘create blog’ button just below.
Congrats! You now own a blog but this is just the beginning of the job

Changing the appearance of your BlogSpot blog

Before you begin making posts in blogger, it is very necessary that you change the look of your blog to suit your taste and that of your audience; you’ve got to shift from the default color scheme and layout of the template (their quite not attractive) but, if you can’t make yours better that, my advice is that you you skip this section and move on to making posts to your blog.
To change the color of your blog; login to your dashboard
Click on template
Click on ‘customize template” (it is located just below the template image)
Now you have a set of customization menu to use; here you can change the look of your blog’s background, the color of your sites header, the font style and size you’ll love to use for each section of your blog, etc. spend at least 20 minutes studying this section of your blog by making changes and previewing my blog afterward to know exactly what the change I made was for (that’s how I got used to this part of the blogger platform).
To change the layout of your blog: with this option you can change the way you want your blog to look when viewed; you can customize the number of columns you want, whether or not to add a footer and also decide what and what not to appear on your blog.         

         To change the layout of your blog; go to layout and select the body layout you desire. You can also select a footer layout just by the right the click on ‘save arrangement’ at the top of the page. To further customize your blog; scroll down the page you will see how your blog is arranged.                                                                                                                                                                       If there is something you will like to remove, click edit at that bottom of it then remove.                                                             
 If you would like to add a widget anywhere on the site, click on ‘add widget’ in that area then select from the list of widgets. Click on ‘save arrangement’ at the top to save the changes you’ve made.
Make all the necessary changes you need to make then start making posts.

Making your first post in blogger

Now that you have a well designed website, it’s time to make your debut post. See how the blogger work place looks like;

To write your first post; login to your dashboard and click on ‘New post as shown above. it will load the work place for you to start making posts.
When you make a post, it advisable that you put them into certain labels (e.g posts related to science should be placed in a science label, like wise to others. As you can see on my blog, I have labels for web designing, online revenue and others. This will make it easy for visitors to navigate through your site. So, when you make a post, scroll to the right click on label, at this point, you don’t have any label, click add new label, write the name of the label you which to add then put a comma (e.g science,) and click ‘done’ below.
Whenever you publish a new post, it will be shown in full on your home page by default. This could pose navigation problem for your site, it also makes it look ugly. So when you make a post, put your cursor where you want your post to show at its maximum on the home page, scroll to the top of the page and click on the jump break button (it’s circled in the image below) it will show a line dividing that part from the remaining part of the write up (I normally put mine at the beginning of the post but it’s better to allow your visitors read at least one line before your put the jump break, but make sure they are attractive lines that can prompt them to read more). When done, scroll up and click on ‘publish’ to publish your post.

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