How to backup/delete wordpress using softaculous

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Want to create backup/delete wordpress blog

Softaculous is also useful for maintaining web applications you have installed with it. If you would like to backup your WordPress site, or even delete it entirely, you can easily do it from your Softaculous control panel.
In this tutorial, I would be taking you through the exact procedure to go through in order to create a back up for you wordpress site or delete the wordpress entirely.
A good blogger should always have at the back of his mind that technical problems are bound to happen at times, especially one that might lead to loss of some very useful blog contents; this is one of the reasons backing up your site on periodic basis is very important.  You might have a problem with the wordpress platform and may wish to create a backup before switching to another platform Or you have plans of starting a bulk sms site (which bloggers trusts only joomla for) or any of those stuffs like that which are rare on wordpress platform and might want to delete it in order to intall another script. This could be done once without the any harsle by simly using softacous. Lets look at the instructions below on how we can accomplish this two aims:
Login to your cPanel.
Open Softaculous
Select the box icon from the top right to see all the web applications you have installed:
Here you can see the web application installation time and version number, as well as a link to it. Click the folder icon to backup your site, or the X to delete it.
Note: Do not click the X button unless you are certain you want to fully delete your WordPress site
If you choose to backup the site, Softaculous will ask if you want to backup the entire directory and database. Generally it is good to select both, as you would be able to fully restore your entire site with both of these. Click Backup Installation to confirm you wish to do this
Click Ok at the prompt, and make sure to leave the webpage opening while it is backing up your site.
After a few moments, Softaculous will let you know that the backup is complete. Click the Backups link to access your backup file
Click the blue arrow to download the zip file containing a full backup of your site. Once you have saved it, you can click the red X to delete the file from the server.



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