Blogger limitations and why I dont see most of them as limitations

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When I Started blogging,  I launched my first free website on worpress, after reading a lot of information which discouraged me from starting with a blogspot blog. This is not to say that blogger platform is any way near wordpress in terms of features but when it comes to free hosting, wordpress cant beat blogger (thats if you have monetization in mind) because blogger has minor limitations which I dont see as limitations after all.
In this article I will be discussing some of the limitations of a blogspot blog which I think most of tbese limitations are not really limitations. Lets take a look;

1. Maximum number of members per blog is 100.
You will only have to worry about this if you are running a company or group site with more than 100 authors, but  we all know that only few and small businesses who cannot afford a premium site will go for a free one and don't think a company that can afford 100 employees or a group with more than 100 members could be as poor as not to afford a premium site despite the number of cheap hosting companies out there.
2. Maximum number of characters for a domain name is 37.
You should know that the shorter a domain name, the better. It should be short and easy to memorise too (imagine you want to visit my site and i give you my url to would you love to type such a long stuff as url? I bet you wount be able to visit it twice). I can still remember back then in secondary school, my school launched a website with a very long url. Men! I never found it easy typing those stuffs in my browser.
3. Maximum character for blog description at the header is 500.
Personally, I dont see a reason to write a descriotion that could be as long as 50 characters because blog descriptions is supposed to be few words to describe what your blog is all about. Its not nice to have your visitors reading a full article as description
4. Photos are hosted on picasa(also owned by google) with a maximum disk space of 15G.
15G is more than the space you buy with a huge amount of money for a hosting plan from hosting companies
5. Maximum character lenght for a label is 200.
Since a label is just like a folder used to identify related files why not keep it short. One or two words, 10 at most.
6. Cant sell or transfer ownership blog ownership.
Though this is a small limitation but you don't expect them to allow you sell what you got for free. No free host will let you do that
7. Maximum of one 100 blogs per account.
What will you be doing with many free blogs since you cant sell nor transfer ownership and why would you think of having many blogs on one account, what if your account got deleted? This aint a limitation too.
8. Does not support php and mysql spot.
PHP is very powerful and useful computer language used to create a website and adding functions. But PHP doesnt work in Blogger or BlogSpot site. But this doesn't affect you if you are not vast in programming knowledge like myself.
9. It only has one permalink structure (with date)
One effect of this is that when you update a post the permalink changes to the new date causing link break.
10. Individual pages (the main or archive pages) are limited to 1mb

Even though even though wordpress is a superior platform to blogger, it still can't beat blogger in terms of free hosting. Blogger gives you the opportunity to monetise your blog with or without traffick



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